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Website creation

Creating a website is designing the web interface, the architecture, the organization of its pages, and its navigation.

Designing a website is taking into account the constraints of the internet. A good website should be ergonomic, easy to use and accessible.

From my experience of over 10 years in the field of graphic design, I will create a dynamic website, unique, suitable for all medias (mobile, tablet, laptop ...)




Web design

The visual identity of a website is very important. Your logo, your color codes or visual elements will be what distinguishes it from others. That is why I propose a customized service. Creating your logo, cover illustration or visual effects will be handled and performed by a professional illustrator with whom I work.

This service takes into account:

  • Creation of a custom logo.
  • Creation of illustrations or visual elements.
  • Realization of animations or visual effects





Referencing a website is positioning it favorably on the first results of the search engines according to the targeted requests of the Internet users.

In practice for a site to be well referenced by search engines like Google, it is necessary that it meets certain requirements:

  • Semantics: This is for your site to have an architecture / structure technically well designed.
  • Technique: A clean source code in accordance with the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) official body of the Internet standardization.
  • Content: Without content, no referencing, that is why it must be of quality, unique and structured.




it is necessary to update it regularly in order to improve its performance and secure modules used by your site. Maintenance ensures the durability of your site, it is a guarantee of proper operation. 

for this purpose it is necessary to perform backups and regularly update the content of your website. The field of web evolves constantly and your website must change with it in order to protect against potential security vulnerabilities.

We can differentiate three types of maintenance:

  •  Complete backup of your site and database.
  • Regular updating of your site and its components.
  • Correction of possible bugs and malfunctions.


Présentation Alexandre Tourne Présentation Alexandre Tourne


After 10 years in graphic design, I naturally turned to Web development. Interested by new technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, WordPress ... I started to learn them by myself.

To validate and improve my knowledge, I followed an intensive training leading to the degree of integration and web developer. Today I Perfect myself in website creation to customer service.

I am Alexander Tourne Webmaster freelance in Paris but also available for your remote projects. Together we will determine your needs whether for the creation of a website, the SEO and maintenance. I put my expertise to your service project during all its stages.

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Here you will find an overview of my latest projects as a website designer: Showcases, Portfolio… Just click on the photo to explore the website.

These pages showing no prices for maintenance, SEO or creating website, do not hesitate to go through the contact page or call me directly to request a quote or information on my web services .


Need help creating your website?

You do not have time to manage the maintenance of your site or you simply want to improve its positioning on the search engines?
I am your Webmaster Freelance and I will guide you step by step in the creation of your project.Each web project is different, it involves the creation of a personalized quote adapted to your needs.
Tell me about your desires and expectations, I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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